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Return To The Pit, for those who do not already know of such a place, is a great site run by Aaron "The Reverend" Pepelis. Started as a companion to his radio show on WUNH (Durham, NH), Aaron's site features a live radio stream of his show (every monday!), tens of thousands of pics of bands from all over the world, and an incredibly active and informative message board. Plus a few extra things here and there.

If you've played in New England, and you're in a metal, hardcore, indie, punk, or noise band -- or anything even close -- Aaron has probably shot pictures of your band. He has been doing this relentlessly for over five years, totally out of his own pocket, completely selflessly, and always with a smile on his face.

Please check out his website and these awesome photos from the other night, November 26th, at the last Raising Kubrick show. Thank you very much. -Nicholas

Pictures of each band (number in paranthesis represents # of pictures):

a terrible night for a curse (40)
raising kubrick (135)
randomshots (8)
the finite (68)
the taste of silver (133)


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